About Us

Canvas of Diamonds

At Canvas of Diamonds, we believe that everyone should have a creative outlet and we strive to provide just that. Creating your own shimmering diamond painting artwork can be just as much fun as it is relaxing and soothing. Whether you are a long time fan of diamond painting or just discovering this therapeutic art form, we are proud to deliver exceptional and enjoyable DIY diamond painting kits that you will love. Choose from our collection of people, animals, flowers & nature, fantasy & mystical, and custom diamond painting kits, and create your very own personal canvas of diamonds.

Our Story

"I learned about diamond painting in 2019 and immediately was drawn to how relaxing, soothing, and stress relieving the creative process was. Not only did I enjoy every moment of diamond painting, when it was done, I had a beautiful shimmering canvas to hang up on my wall. The way I see it, diamond painting is a three-in-one deal; you get to dive into your inner creative side and enjoy a fun art project that is simultaneously therapeutic and when your project is complete, you end up with a beautiful piece of artwork! This is an art form that should be recognized all over the world and with Canvas of Diamonds, that can be a reality." 

- Canvas of Diamonds founder Violet Azenabor