How To Diamond Paint


1. Your kit comes with: the canvas, 'diamond' drills, a tray, a diamond painting pen, wax, and some zip locks.

2. Roll out your Diamond Painting canvas and flatten as much as possible.

3. Gently pour the drills onto the tray and gently shake to get the drills right side up.

4. Dip the pen into the wax.

5. Gently lift the protective layer of the canvas (the side you will be working on).

6. Use the pen to pick up the drills one-by-one.

7. Gently place the drills on the coordinating icon on the canvas.

8. When finished, place the protective layer back on the canvas to protect the adhesive. 

9. When the diamond painting is complete, roll it out or place something heavy over the diamond painting to ensure the drills stay flat and attached to the canvas. 

10. Frame your beautiful Canvas of Diamonds!