What Is Diamond Painting? Exclusive Tips to Get You Started!

Are you searching for a new therapeutic activity? Then diamond painting is it. The new kid on the block combines Cross Stitching and painting by numbers to yield awe-inspiring mosaics. What’s more, it is easy for veterans and novices to produce unique diamond art pieces. 


History and Origin

Humans have spearheaded the growth and development of arts and crafts every step of the way. Here is how. History records Neanderthals as the first painters. Their red ochre paintings were unique and fascinating.

Later on, modern civilizations perfected the pieces with the emergence of new technologies. It has been an upward trajectory ever since. Guangdong Dazu Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd invented the diamond painting technique in 2010. A few years down the line and the craft is now an overnight sensation.

The Joys of Diamond Canvas Art

Diamond canvas art is relatively new, having hit the headlines first in 2010. Regardless, diamond painting art has become one of the most sought-after craft hobbies of all time, all thanks to its simplicity and longevity. Most surprising, kids and adults today find diamond painting exciting for the following reasons. Diamond dot painting:

1. Stimulates Creativity

Creativity has been challenged during the Covid-19 pandemic. With lockdown restrictions in effect globally, people have had no other choice but to stay at home. Luckily, diamond art has kept the DIY enthusiasts going by challenging their creative abilities.

2. Amplifies Self-Confidence

It takes talent to become an artist. Even better, a gifted painter portrays lots of resilience, patience, hard work, and self-confidence. Sadly, harnessing such positive energy is hard, which is why many turn to diamond canvas art. The world-famous craft builds your confidence by helping you achieve outcomes you never believed existed.

3. Boosts Concentration and Mental Focus

Thousands of people suffer from dementia and memory loss annually. In consequence, they experience concentration-related problems, factors that affect relationships, work, and social interactions. Fortunate enough, diamond painting therapy is adequate in enhancing mental focus and memory retention. After all, the technique keeps your body and mind engaged all at the same time.

4. Strengthens Family Ties

While some families are rejoicing today, others are struggling because of increased family wrangles. Household instability is now a norm, with people suffering from social, financial, and psychological burn-out because of Covid-19. In turn, the ever-escalating issues have weakened some family ties.

Life for some had become hard and unbearable. Fortunately, 5D diamond painting has restored many relationships by calling for enjoyed community participation. Most importantly, the pastime has proven to be one of the best hobbies for kids and adults, given that it promotes social interaction and cohesion.

5. Remedies Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Over forty-million adults suffer from anxiety and depression in the U.S. alone. Out of the affected persons, only half seek professional medical treatment. The rest do not.

Stress then builds up, leading to severe psychological issues. Surprisingly, diamond painting therapy has proven time and again to be effective in treating anxiety and depression. Listed below are the reasons.

Scientific research highlights diamond dot art as an excellent meditation tool. It offers you full-body relaxation. Additionally, diamond painting 5d stimulates your creativity, thereby immersing you into an experience that takes the anger, worry, and sadness away. Simply put, diamond art painting is the happy drug everyone needs!

6. Absorbs Screen Addiction

PCs, TVs, and phones have revolutionized the world remarkably. In doing so, the gadgets have bridged the global communication barrier, thus enhancing international cooperation. Regrettably, most users have become screen addicts knowingly and unknowingly.

The lack of intervention has exposed the affected to productivity loss, insomnia, aggression, severe health anomalies, and more. For that reason, pick up your diamond painting tools and take actions to kill the boredom. The technique is indulging and exciting for all users.

7. Refines Motor Skills

Do you have it rough coordinating hand and eye function? You must buy one of the best diamond painting kits on the market if that sounds like you. Recall, an exceptional toolset provides you with extra precision when placing diamond drills on the canvas. In return, your motor skills will also get a great workout. 

8. Creates Unique Gift Sets

Finding a gift befitting all types of occasions is hard. Nonetheless, the best diamond painting kits help you achieve precisely that. All you must do is find the right painting drills. It will provide you with cheap, unique, and tangible outcomes and help you hone your skill, too.

9. As A Social Event

Life has been challenging during the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, diamond canvas painting has provided the international community with more than a pastime. Today, diamond drill painting is a social event that connects like-minded individuals from across the globe, given that you can find inspiration on Pinterest, Whatsapp, Instagram, and more.

10. As A Fun Packed Activity

Diamond painting is an exciting and engaging craft. It helps you solve puzzles using resin beads, adhesive, canvas, and a hollow-tipped pen while having fun. In return, you create dazzling masterpieces, artwork capable of earning you cash when sold.

11. As An Art Preservative

Jigsaw puzzles are the best. They keep your creative juices pumping until you lose a single slot. A game you started long ago then grinds to a halt. You must buy a new unit and start afresh.

Fortunately, you never have to worry about any missing pieces when it comes to making your diamond art collection. After all, the resin beads are easy to secure on the diamond dots due to the glue adhesive.

12. Builds Efficiency

Technology is a two-faced element. It transforms lives when used correctly but destroys the same when abused. As a result, technological addicts become inefficient, thus making systems crumble.

Thankfully, diamond painting therapy has a directly opposite effect on your productivity. It excites your creativity, sharpens your problem-solving skills, and establishes resilience. Consequently, it provides room for you to establish dominance in all your undertakings.


How to Break Ground Fast

Always outline the size and scope of your project before getting down to business. Doing so will help you save time, money, and energy. What’s more, you will find the right diamond painting tools for the assignment.

Yet there is more. Veteran painters’ advise that you choose large canvas projects over smaller ones. Mammoth-like projects produce high-resolution images that are of better quality than the latter. In short, go big or go home.

And did you know that niching is vital for your success? It is when you concentrate on the things you love that you produce excellent output. After all, no challenge can break your spirit under such circumstances.

Additionally, go for round drills as a beginner. They are easier to place and can be completed quicker. As you graduate to being an avid diamond painter, you can then go for square drills, they need to be placed more carefully but they also shine more. Most of all, the square resin beads create sharp and high-resolution images.

Finally, I cannot stress enough why you need an ergonomic chair and table. Although they could be pricey, the furniture provides you with outstanding body comfort as you work, thus boosting your productivity. Most meaningful, you suffer less from spinal-related injuries caused by poor posture.


Tips To Improve Your Work Speed

5D Diamond painting takes creativity and fun to a whole new level. Despite being energy and time consuming, the craft provides you with a sense of accomplishment. However, you could expedite the process, even make it less pain-staking by

  • Decluttering your work station to avoid overcrowding
  • Cleaning the dirt and dust in your work area to protect the adhesive on the canvas from contamination
  • Listening to music or podcasts for inspiration
  • Turning the activity into a competition
  • Working in isolation to boost productivity
  • Enhancing room lighting

Anyhow, the above-listed tricks only work best when you have the right diamond painting tools for the job.


Tools Every Serious Diamond Painter Must Have

The best diamond painting kits today come equipped with a wax pad, pen, and tray. Although ideal, the above-listed items rarely yield splendid outcomes. For that reason, the gurus recommend that you upgrade your collection with

1. A Customized Pen/Stylus

The applicator tool found in modern-day kits is too flimsy and small to hold. It hurts your wrists and fingers after prolonged exposure. Lucky enough, ditching the applicator tool for a larger pen can save you from hand cramps.

Heck, you could even engineer your stylus from locally assembled materials when working under a budget. But if your coffers run deep, go for the dual-sided premium way pen, the wax diamond pen picker tool, and painting pals cartoon diamond pen. They are the absolute best.

2. A Lightbox

People with mild and severe eye complications have a rough time picking and stacking diamond drills on canvas. Procuring a lightbox, however, turns out to be a game-changer. After all, the device illuminates your work area making tiny objects visible. What’s more, you could spot the symbols engraved in the canvas with ease, thereby alleviating the strain in your eyes.

3. A Storage Box

It is easy to misplace your diamond canvas, pens, and resin beads in a compact and disorganized space. In light of the above, always invest in a high-quality storage box. It will serve you for the long-term, even keep your painting organized and protected from the elements.

4. The All-In-One Tool Box

Are you an “all-under-one-roof” kind of person? Then buying the diamond painting art toolbox can benefit you in the following way. With over one hundred pieces of equipment, the kit keeps the supplies running. Hence, you need not worry about resin bead shortage when you are at your busiest. After all, you could easily replace old trays, pens, and tweezers without worrying about the added expense.

5. The Diamond Separator Tool

Round and square drills stack up together because of static electricity. When they do, separation becomes hard. Gracefully, a USB Water Bottle Portable Humidifier works wonders. It neutralizes the electrostatic charge, hence separating the piles into individual pieces.

6. The Modge Podge Sealer

The modge podge sealer profits the painter during mosaic storage. Here is how. It creates an unbreakable layer on the canvas, thereby making it dazzle. Apart from that, the painting endures a lifetime, having found lasting protection from the elements.

7. A Light Pad

Painting diamond on canvas is both empowering and draining. Thus, you must find a way of keeping your creative juices pumping without causing unnecessary strain and fatigue. Fortunately, excellent lighting has a unique way of elevating your spirit. You only need to buy an inexpensive light pad and light up the canvas from below.

8. An Ergonomic Chair/Table

A proper table could save you from neck and back pain. On the other hand, an ergonomic chair spares your spine and feet from the excess strain caused by poor postures. Hence, always go for furniture with ergonomic capabilities and superior armrest support. They will keep the pressure off your shoulders, thus helping them relax.

9. Extra Diamond Drill Sets

Workplace-related accidents are quite the norm. When unplanned for, they could grind your operations to a halt. That said, it always pays dividends when you buy an extra set of diamond drills. They come in handy when you need them the most.

10. A Magnifier

Diamond dots and drills are tiny. Working with them for prolonged periods could cast a strain on your eyes. To prevent this, procure a magnifier for added clarity.

11. The Right Canvas

The half and full drill sets are the two most famous canvas types in the market today. Although built from the same material, the two possess recognizable differences. For example, the half drill has partial paint patches that provide you with a small area for adding diamond on canvas. On the contrary, the full drill allows you to install resin beads on the whole canvas. Therefore, always settle that appeals to your taste the most.

12. Frame Mounting

A suitable sealant creates a protective layer around your portrait. A superb frame, however, preserves your painting for eternity. Therefore, go out of your way and find a frame that appeals to your taste. You can DIY the same when working under a budget.

13. A Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is not an added expense. Instead, it is a gadget that could save you a ton of time and money. Here is how.

As a painter, you are likely to accidentally hit and spill resin beads on the floor, thereby causing a complete mess. Annoyed, you then result in manual picking. Later on, you realize that you have not only wasted a lot of your time but also lost hundreds of teeny-tiny diamond pieces on the floor.

It’s a total loss. The big surprise, however, is that you don’t have to suffer a similar predicament again. After all, you could use an inexpensive vacuum cleaner to secure the fallen pieces fast and easy.

14. A Rolling Pin

The right adhesive will secure even the most stubborn resin beads in your arsenal. Anyhow, the only way you can ensure that all fragments stick in place is by compressing the stacked canvas with a rolling pin. The rolling pin will also drive out air bubbles and squishes from the art-piece.

15. Washi Tape

Finally, you must secure your painting using Washi tape. The ribbon prevents lint, dirt, and dust from contaminating the adhesive on your canvas. Most importantly, Washi tape protects the canvas from fingerprint smudges.

So, Where Can You Find Such Tools?

You can always get the best diamond painting art tool kit online. All you must do is review different websites and go for those that thrive on quality. Alternatively, use referrals to guide you to the best art and craft store in your neighborhood. Once done, you can then proceed with painting. Below are the steps to follow.


#Step 1: Prep Canvas and Workspace

A squeezed and unkempt work area encourages laziness. That said, tidy the workspace before anything else. Next, unwrap the canvas from its packaging, place it on the desk, and straighten it out. Finally, peel off the paper-wrap to reveal the symbols on the canvas and examine the sheet to understand what each element represents.

Exercise caution to avoid damaging the canvas sheet. For instance, you could divide the wrapped-up canvas into equal portions, scour the paper-wrap using a sharp blade, and peel off the wrapping paper in sections. Ideally, this technique helps you cover much ground fast and accurately.

 #Step 2: Cover Sticky Edges with Washi Tape

An unwrapped canvas sheet uncovers a layer of sticky overlap. In doing so, the exposed adhesive becomes a lint and dust magnet. Working with the paper then becomes arduous.

Lucky enough, Washi tape covers the adhesive, thus protecting the glue from contamination. In turn, the ribbon keeps the finished art piece neat and clean.

 #Step 3: Load Resin Beads into the Tray Organizer

A typical 5D diamond painting kit comes fully stocked with an assortment of diamond drills. Working with resin beads then becomes problematic, especially when picked right from their original packaging. For that reason, you must unpack and load the drills onto the tray. Anyways, ensure you categorize them based on color, number, and the corresponding symbols on the canvas.

 #Step 4: Prepare Pen and Tweezers for Painting

Next, you must load your pen with wax. It will help you pick up and load the resin beads from the tray to the canvas. You can also procure a pair of tweezers. Such a component comes in handy when you want to extract wrongly placed beads from the canvas.

#Step 5: Secure Canvas above Light Pad

Proper lighting ensures you produce high-end output every time. In consideration of the above, always use binder clips to secure the canvas above the light pad. The clips will prevent the canvas from shifting, thus providing you with a robust platform to build something spectacular.

#Step 6: Work on the Canvas

Expose the first section on the canvas. Pick your pen and load it up with wax. When done, pick a resin bead and place it on the corresponding symbol on the canvas. Repeat the technique until you complete the first section. Last, cover the diamond-painted segment with paper-wrap.

Next, expose section two, examine the symbols, and install the beads based on color and number. Repeat the steps as in section one until you have covered the entire sheet. Once satisfied with the results take a rolling pin and use it to compress the beads into position.

Stack a few heavy books on top of the painting and leave them overnight. Peel off the paper-wrap the next morning to expose the art piece. Render the mosaic with a modge podge sealer to enhance durability. Finally, frame the painting and hang your beautiful canvas of diamonds on your wall.

Key Take Points

It is easy to paint drills on canvas only when you work with a workload you can handle. Therefore, do not bite more than you can chew. More so, use the right kit.

Whereas most retailers sell standard toolsets, go for customized options. They are easy to use and last better. Finally, find inspiration from peers online. They will make your transition fast and sure.



Diamond painting is one of the most celebrated crafts today. It has become an overnight sensation because of its simplicity and mood-elevating properties. Additionally, many artists have confirmed this newly found hobby ideal in fighting screen addiction. That said, find your kit today and start painting! You will be amazed by what you achieve in the end.


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