How to Do Diamond Painting In Detail

It's always work and no play for most adults today. Anxiety, stress, and burnout then becomes an issue. Without an outlet to vent, the affected individuals suffer irreversible health consequences.

For that reason, veteran artists recommend full drill diamond painting. This new form of art overstretches your mind, keeping you busy and entertained. Additionally, full drill diamond painting

  • Refines your motor skills
  • Improves concentration and body coordination
  • Dilutes anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Expands your creativity
  • Nurtures new talent
  • Gives you confidence
  • Builds patience and resilience
  • Widens your social circle
  • Helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Grants you unique art gifts and more.

The benefits are endless. And did you know that diamond painting for beginners is more than possible? With zero experience, you could get into a rather exciting journey.

But first things first, do you have the right diamond painting supplies with you? Read on.

Diamond Painting Supplies You Should Not Miss

Out of the many diamond art items sold globally, the following are diamond painting supplies you should never miss. They include:

  1. A Self-Adhesive Canvas
  2. Diamond Painting Beads
  3. A Diamond Painting Pen
  4. Diamond Art Light Pad
  5. Diamond Painting Wax
  6. Diamond Art Glue
  7. An Image Magnifier
  8. Diamond Painting Roller
  9. Sorting Tray
  10. Diamond Art Storage
  11. A Frame Mount

Here is how each of the diamond art accessories listed earlier work.

1. Self-Adhesive Canvas

Canvases come in different shades, shapes, and sizes. What’s more, they exist in two categories, namely the half and full drill sets. The half drills, whether featuring round or square diamonds, have partial patches of paint.

That means you could only diamond paint a small section on the canvas. On the other hand, full drill sets are expansive. They allow you to paint over the entire cross-section of the canvas.

In return, the full drill kits coupled with 3D and 5D resin beads grant you pictures with more than enough sparkle and shine. They are the best! Painting connoisseurs recommend them!

2. Diamond Painting Beads

There has always been a contest between diamond painting round vs square drills. Here is the difference. Round resin beads are user-friendly.

They fit into round diamond dots fast. Regrettably, all the round bead drill sets leave a bit of the canvas exposed. Thus, they shine less when exposed to light.

A square bead drill, on the contrary, requires expert handling. Here is why. Because of the levels of accuracy involved, only a guru can achieve the desired outcomes.

Newbies then find it hard to paint on such platforms. Lucky enough, square drills add more sparkle and shine to a painting. What’s more, they yield high-resolution images. 

3. Diamond Painting Pen

Why do you need a bead pen? Can’t you pick the diamonds with your bare hands? Indeed, you can only learn how to diamond paint with a diamond painting pen at hand. I will tell you why.

The pen provides you with enough leverage to pick and transfer resin beads from the sorting tray to the canvas. Thus, working without a stylus amounts to what experts call a wild goose chase.

4. Lighting Pad

As you now know, diamond painting requires a lot of focus - your undivided attention. The beads are hard to see without excellent lighting, therefore, you could damage your eyesight. For that reason, diamond painting veterans recommend that you use a diamond painting light pad to eliminate the strain. The art tool illuminates the canvas from below, thereby making the engravings on the canvas visible.

5. Diamond Painting Wax

Why is the diamond painting wax essential? Well, the wax transfers resin beads from the sorting tray to the canvas. Better yet, the component prevents the drill from falling during transport. Hence, you should preserve the compound well to serve you in the long term.

6. Diamond Art Glue

Has your self-adhesive canvas lost its sticky touch? Then it is time you invested in the diamond art glue. The water glue restores the canvas to its previous state.

More so, the adhesive rejuvenates spots where diamond resins have fallen away. Above all, diamond art glue seals the completed art piece preventing the beads from becoming loose. Hence, it is an excellent art preservative.

7. Magnifying Glass

According to the diamond painting journal, a magnifying glass is one of the diamond art tools you should never lack in your arsenal. Here is the reason. The magnifier enlarges the diamond dots. Thus, you can comfortably attach the diamond drills to the canvas with high accuracy.

8. Diamond Painting Roller

Why do you need a diamond painting roller? As a diamond art beginner, a rolling pin helps you compress resin beads into position. However, it would be best to choose smoother options to avoid damaging the canvas and drills during compaction.

9. Sorting Tray

It would help if you had an excellent sorting tray for the following reasons. One, the platform aligns your beads. Second, the tray protects the drills from mixing. By creating order, diamond painting then becomes an easy and fun activity.

10. Storage Container

Invest in the best diamond painting storage to keep your finished mosaic, supplies, and accessories protected. A simple egg container could help you store the stylus, glue, wax, and tweezers safely. For the resin beads, however, settle for an inexpensive sorting tray.

11. Frame Mount

Last but not least, buy the best frame mounts online. They will shield the final art piece from the elements. And if you cannot afford to make such a purchase, build the frame from scratch. You can use online tutorials to your advantage.

Written Instructions on How To Diamond Paint

Armed with the above-listed diamond art supplies, you can now diamond paint your way into greatness. But how or where do you start? According to the diamond painting notebook, you must first

1. Remove All Items From The Package

Step one requires you to unpack the diamond resins and tools from their packaging. It helps you keep stock of what you have so you can buy what you do not have. However, most kits today come equipped with everything you need for your first assignment.

2. Tidy Up Your Workstation

Next, tidy up your workstation. An ergonomic desk will help you keep everything organized. Better yet, a superb table makes painting easy and exciting for you.

3. Unroll And Pin The Canvas

It is always best that you unroll your canvas on a flat surface before painting. Doing so will straighten the edges, thus creating a smooth and even platform for your DIY project. Anyhow, use sellotape to bind the canvas to the table and achieve the perfect outcome.

4. Pour Resin Beads Into A Grooved Tray

When done, you can then unwrap and pour the diamond drills into a grooved tray. Next, shake the container to align the beads into position. Most importantly, arrange the resins in their respective codes and colors as provided in the diamond painting catalog.

5. Pick Diamond Painting Pen And Apply Wax

Using the hollow tip of the diamond painting pen, pick some diamond painting wax. Next, select a diamond drill and place it on the corresponding symbol on the canvas. Repeat the process until the whole set up is complete.

6. Compress The Painting Using A Rolling Pin

With the help of a diamond painting roller, compress the attached resin beads gently to the canvas. Doing so will attach them firmly. Additionally, compression will drive out air pockets from your mosaic. Use a smooth roller to avoid damaging the painting.

And What Do I Do To Protect My 5D Diamond Picture After It Is Completed?

It is simple. When done, dip your craft brush into the diamond art glue and paint over the mosaic using the applicator. Next, give the thick layer of sealant enough time to settle and dry. You can then mount the image with a frame of your choice. 

Diamond Painting Tips to Help You Complete Assignments Fast

To complete projects fast, you must work smart. Therefore, always choose assignments based on size and scope. Large projects, although enticing, take time to accomplish.

Hence, only go for those when you have the right motivation and time on your side. Better yet, diamond paint after resting. You will realize the best outcomes.

As if that is not enough, choose your kits wisely. Cheap tool sets will save you a quick buck at first glance. However, they might disappoint you in the future when they fail to live up to your expectations.

Therefore, go for good quality supplies that may come at a slightly higher price. They work like magic. More so, find inspiration from like-minded individuals.

Online communities are worth your consideration, given that they hook you up with many ideas. Last but not least, procure extra kits. They will prevent you from running low on supplies at the eleventh hour.  

Key Points

  • Newbies can diamond paint too
  • 5D square drills yield the best images
  • Always seal your mosaics with diamond art glue
  • Framing will prolong the lifespan of your art-piece
  • Invest in storage compartments to prolong your kit’s lifespan
  • Network with other artists online
  • Enjoy the moment 


The new craft of diamond painting has revolutionized creativity globally because of its simplicity. That said, you can take up diamond art as a hobby today by following the steps listed-earlier and build beautiful and long-lasting mosaics. But first, invest in the right tools!

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